Opinion on Work Life Balance, Retirement Planning and Entrepreneurship

Work life balance eh? Overrated. Traditional retirement planning? And then what.

Sheena and I both fully put our feet ? together in the entrepreneurial footprints 30 months ago. In that timeframe, we’ve never taken more than a half day off.

We’ve had to say NO to a lot of holidays, birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings. My marriage proposal was during a work conference. Our wedding day was preceded by a entrepreneur workshop in the AM where our team was kicking me out of the door to get to the church.

We’ve declined casual invitations while staying only for short periods of time during family events.

We worked when most were playing.

When we have traveled it was always with a business agenda. We mentored small groups, ran workshops, co-hosted conventions. There were countless hours of preparation and sacrifice. Plenty stretches of time with little sleep, working lunches, handling multiple responsibilities while raising a family.

We weren’t looking for a pat on the back. In discovering the next best version of you, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

We figured that if we wanted to change our financial lives we have to improve our thinking. Money and success without transformation of one’s mindset is futile.

You simply can’t expect a better life without making changes.

Work Life Balance – Didn’t Work For Us

Now we’re tasting the sweetness of paying the price for an extended period of time. We started from a position we didn’t like. Instead of complain about it we found a platform, a game plan to execute and a world-class mentor to remain accountable.

We couldn’t imagine being at a job or stuck in a self-employed Groundhog Day thinking it’s all life had to offer.

We wanted to build a business that generated income without us having to push the buttons all the time. We didn’t want to wait 20-30 years to eventually see our savings compound to an amount we hoped was enough.

We didn’t want to leave the house every morning dreading the day ahead. We didn’t want our kids watching us do Life yet see us come home with negativity and cynicism.

Most of the doubters tell you can’t because they won’t. It’s not because getting what you want is impossible. It’s because most doubters start with doubting themselves. They drag others down with them needing company and validation for their excuses or justifications.

They’ll say things like, “I need work life balance!” Yet they’re still broke and have very little to show for. They’ll raise another generation of kids that continue to live paycheck to paycheck. Yet they tell their kids, “Do your best! Get As and Bs”!

One big lesson that entrepreneurship has taught us is how to process issues when life hits you in the mouth. While in the fight for your financial life you gonna take a lot of mental shots and setbacks. Keep on going!

It’s been 30 months since we’ve taken more than several days away with no agenda. It’s odd that we can get away and it’s just Sheena and I. We have nothing to do but simply recharge the batteries w/out worrying about money or meetings.

We’ve built a team and family support group that has their own goals they want to drastically achieve. When the tide rises (your mindset) it lift all boats (those you love and care about).

Here what I hope you takeaway if you’ve lasted this far reading his post. (Proud of you for doing so!):

  1. Make a decision and go all in. Work life balance is for those that want to play average and ordinary.
  2. Make adjustments to your schedule and emotional buy-in from your spouse.
  3. Make a goal and a deadline to get there. Then set your sights higher.
  4. Make sure ego and pride don’t get in the way of you making corrections.
  5. Celebrate your victories and marinate on your failures for no more than 24 hours.

Trust the process and learn to love the transformation into the next best version of you! Learn to love ❤️yourself more and forgive quickly others that may stand in your way.

Until we meet again, continue to live Smart, love smart and be Money smart today! ?????