Outside the Ring: How to Have a Fresh Financial Start

At the beginning of the year, many people have a financial resolution they’d like to stick to. Some have the guts and determination to do it alone…most do not.  Enter David Diaz, former U.S. Olympian and WBC boxing champion, beginning a new career outside the boxing ring as a professional fighter after announcing his retirement from the sport.

During our conversation in this episode we the necessary steps and “training” to getting in a progressively better financial situation, year after year. Let’s make financial resolutions STICK!


Does one really need a coach in their financial corner?

What does internal change mean?

What does the “new” economy or “global” economy really mean to how we handle our personal finances in the USA?

How do we deal with a pile of bills and envelopes with our financial statements that we really don’t want to open up?

How does one know they need financial help?  Can you just do things yourself?

Do you really need to see a financial planner, investment adviser or financial professional?