Ownership Equals Control – a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP10

Matt Sapaula hits the subject of ownership. Most times we can work hard for a boss towards their goals and aspirations. If so, why not eventually work hard for yourself? Ownership in business as an entrepreneur is way to do that.

If you’re going to work hard, work hard at something you can OWN! (No, it’s not the party bus in this episode :D)


Here’s EP10 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG.

Often times people say that have so many things going against them. Well, that’s where entrepreneur thrive! Tough circumstances happen FOR you, not to you. It guides you to the next best version of YOU!

Check out what guest speaker/trainer Jorge Pelayo has to say from Hamburger University @ 4:23.

Jorge Pelayo was a guest speaker flown into Oakbrook for a regional “Fast Start School” for New Entrepreneurs. This is hosted by Matt’s Money Smart Movement team of PHP Agency where brand new agents to the life insurance industry can initially learn how to build a system that will run their business. Jorge started as an entrepreneur at 19 years old. Today he is 30 years old and commands a $500,000 income on a yearly basis, as well as an ownership stake in PHP Agency, Inc.

Matt Sapaula, alongside his wife, Sheena are a leading example of going from employee to entrepreneur. Today, they are co-owners of PHP Agency, the fastest growing financial marketing organization in America currently over 3,600 independent agents coast-to-coast.

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