PAIN IS SUPER NECESSARY 🥵💰 (Millionaire Motivation)

Most of the time when people see somebody successful, they only see their success but don’t see the journey that led them to their success. They can see the happiness and joy that the success has brought to that person, but they fail to see the years of struggle, pain, and misery that was important for them to achieve that success.

A wise man once said that the path to success is riddled with pitfalls, mistakes, failures, struggles, and pain.

Pain is an important ingredient in building success. It can be said that pain is directly proportional to the level of success we want. We have to be willing to go through it if we want to make our dreams come true. It also depends totally on our goals. If we want to make somewhere around $500 to $1000 a month, that’s fine. There will be little pain. But the reward will be little as well.

But, if our goal is to change our lives completely, to get rid of all the student loans or debt, to be financially secure, to retire within a short amount of time and make millions of dollars, we should be willing to make some sacrifices along the way.

As they famously say, there is no gain if there is no pain. Also, another popular saying goes, “Anything worth having in life will demand blood, sweat, and tears”. This couldn’t be truer. But in the end, one has to believe that it will all be worth it and that victory will taste sweet.

Also to keep in mind is that we have to be a little crazy to be able to make it. If we take a look at history, it is people with big dreams and the will to go after them, no matter what, who will ultimately succeed. People around them may not always agree to their methods or lifestyle but in the end, it was their willingness to push boundaries, bend some rules and be a little crazy that made it possible. We shouldn’t be hesitant to do the same. In fact, our dreams demand that we do the same.

Entrepreneurship is a level playing field. It doesn’t matter if we are in our twenties, thirties or forties. Age doesn’t play a role in determining the kind of success we can achieve. What matters is the amount of time and effort we are willing to put in.

Michael Jordan, for a period of thirty-two months, won three or four scoring championships, three NBA championships, Finals MVP and on top of that, he never missed a single game for those thirty-two months.   

That is the type of commitment that is required if we want to achieve something extraordinary. There are many examples out there that show the same thing. We have to make sure we put everything out there and give our best. And when the opportunity arrives, we need to grab on to it with everything we got!