Patrick Bet-David Opens Us Up About How to Become an Entrepreneur

How did you get into the financial industry?

It was completely by accident. I had gotten a divorce and was with the boys. I went down to Best Buy and was taking my boys to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, someone came over and asked me whether I was a marine. I told him that I was a marine and that I was going to be a marine for life.

But he asked me some profound questions about what I wanted to do with my life. He asked if I liked money. I was like “yes”. Then he asked, “Do you like a lot of money?” I said, “absolutely”. He then proceeded to ask, “What are the rules of the money game?” I said, “I have a job at the marine corps.” He said, “Anybody can get a job. But if you like money and you don’t know the rules then you don’t really like money. So, if you want to learn money, here’s my card. I run a financial firm and let’s have a conversation in my office.”

The crazy part is that I never called him. I lacked confidence as I knew nothing about the financial industry. But he called me as a follow-up three months later and then I got involved in the financial industry.

How did you guys get together?

I went to help my mother during the nurse’s week and I was helping her do a financial workshop for the nurses. As I was setting things up, I looked to my left and saw Sheena. I wanted to talk to her and so I went up to her and said, “Excuse me miss. They are feeding people. Would you like to get some food?”, She said, “That’s ok. It’s just for the nurses”.

I asked what she did and she told me that she sells hospital beds. Then she asked me if I was a doctor. I said, “No, I am not a doctor.” Then I picked up a spine and hip scale and said, “but do you like to be manipulated.” And that actually worked!

What made you choose PHP over other options?

A friend from the army, Richard Love, told me about PHP and I googled about it. I found about you and shot you a Facebook message. Literally half an hour later, I receive your call. I remember the first question I asked you was whether I could brand it, to which you had said “absolutely”. The second thing was that you told me stock equity ownership.

The third one was the multi-cultural diversity. Sheena was very comfortable with this. She loved the culture as it was the one we were looking for, the environment, the people. The mission, the crusade, everything was aligned. The fourth thing is probably a God thing. It felt like the hand in the PHP logo pulled me to the business.