Protect Your Time – Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP9

If you don’t protect your time, who will? Matt Sapaula gives you a peek in his world of running the Money Smart Movement team HQ at PHP Agency.


Here’s EP9 of Living Money Smart, a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG! Catch Matt Sapaula in an interesting conversation w/a competitor who couldn’t answer a straight question. Don’t let anyone waste it, protect your time!

Then, the @MoneySmartGuy drops by Oscar Mike. Matt Sapaula is excited getting their initial order in to stock the shelves with their brand new merchandise of entrepreneur/military inspired t-shirts.

Order your inaugural edition of the Money Smart Movement t-shirt line! Get one for yourself and one to give away to an aspiring entrepenreur!

Matt Sapaula releases the Money Smart Movement 's first t-shirt - Entrep-Athlete

First shirt – “Entrep-Athlete”. It’s how we treat business since business is our sport. Entrepreneur + Athlete = Entrep-Athlete

Matt Sapaula releases the second shirt of the Money Smart Movement t-shirt line - Capitalist

Second shirt – “Capitalist”. It’s how capitalists and entrepreneurs work. It’s about pushing people UP!

Click the link below to order:

Plus, watch Matt in the middle of negotiations for a new office expansion. It’s their third move in three years! We went from executive suite at the Oakbrook Terrace Tower in 2015. We decided that we needed our own space without common areas to fight over with other tenants.

We signed a lease for 2100 sq ft at the Oakbrook Regency Tower in 2016. We realized after 4 months being there we outgrew this space. What made matters worse was a landlord manager that began to sour with all the people we brought in.

Growth is good!

By the looks of it, we willing be moving into the largest field office for PHP Agency Inc out of the other 43 offices in the US! See what happens when you value and protect your time?

You can invest it wisely with the people and circumstances that matter!