Rolls Royce Haters – READING MEAN COMMENTS, What???

I normally don’t care but I need new haters because all the current ones want to be my friend again! So, I am reading the comments section for my car on one of the groups on Facebook. It is a nice group of automotive enthusiasts where people seem supporting and there are really good photos being shared. It’s pretty interesting since they are in my backyard in Chicago. So, getting straight to the point.

Right off the bat, if only these guys knew who I was, where I came from and what I had done to get to where I am. In the very first comment, someone said something about a tax refund coming in. Obviously they were right behind me when they took the photo. And they seem to be dogging me out!

Someone else said, “best tax refund whip so far”. Another went, “Next month…repo list starts”. We’re not talking about my 2003 Chevy Tahoe that got repoed when I was a very young man. So, I learned from that mistake! There was another comment which was interesting, “I am hoping we can see other angles of this car in a few weeks when it gets towed. Looks nice.” Again, that was a reference for my 2003 Chevy that I don’t have any more! I definitely learned from that mistake too.

One hilarious comment was “Dope. Then he sees the service bill.” I mean, that’s pretty funny. Actually, I already got it serviced and I didn’t freak out. It was the service bill I expected. The service for a Rolls Royce is kind of like paying for a cheeseburger.”

Then there was this one guy who actually stood up for me. He said, “He ordered custom plates”. That’s actually true. I did order some custom plates. Kyle also said that even with $10k down with terrible credit won’t get you approved for a Rolls Royce. That’s totally true! Another guy said, “Newest addition to a high rise parking lot!” No, don’t live in a high rise.

So, this is my first ever reaction video. It was pretty hilarious and entertaining, to say the least. I don’t normally do this and don’t expect me to do more of these in the future. I just don’t play into this kind of things. I’m just entertained by it. Actually, my whole entire life, people have been hating on me. They have been doubting me and underestimating me.

I am in my 40s now and I remember what I was talking about when I was in my early teens and early twenties, mid-twenties and so on. I have made a lot of mistakes and I have paid for them. I have been on all sides of the money game. I have been poor, in the middle and obviously making some money. And I’ll tell you this, every level will have its haters. And as I said earlier, I need new haters because all the current ones want to be my friends again!