Starting a Business and What to Expect

What’s the reality after starting a business? What should you expect? I share on this episode of The Movement Podcast, along with guests Perla Rodriguez and Anthony “Tone” Fernandez”. They share their experiences when starting their business, particularly in the insurance industry.

Starting a Business – Distractions & Realities

You see them all on social media. What’s the REAL truth behind the Facebook ads, sponsored posts, informercials selling you on how to make 100k or Millions in 90 days? Is it true? Could it really be that easy, that fast?

Fact or fiction?

You see people on their vacations, driving their dream cars and living in their gigantic homes. Is that really possible for the average person?

What does income rich or opportunity rich…but no wealth, really mean?

Being Rich vs Gaining Wealth…is there a difference? (One of the them is only one thing away from a financial disaster)

Have you read the book by MJ DeMarco, Millionaire FASTLANE? What does he say about the “Sidewalkers”?

Lucky = Belief + Action + Showing Up (Process) + Know How

Here are other key points we discuss about life after starting a business:

  • You Get to Know Who You Really Are
  • No Get Rich Quick -Distractions and Adversity
  • Work…a lot!
  • Constantly Reinvest

Also, they are weeks away from PHP Agency’s annual convention in Vegas. Guest speakers for this 3 days event are Patrick Bet-David, Wayne Gretzky, John Calipari, Grant Cardone with entertainment by Frederic Da Silva and Maz Jobrani.