Starting a Business: Dealing with Friends, Family and Other Enemies

Ever see a status update on Facebook that they “landed a new job” and they get tons of “likes” and “comments”? Yet when someone announces they are starting a new business…it’s radio silence?

After being an entrepreneur the past 17 years I can feel ya! All successful entrepreneurs I know deal with this phenomenon to some extent. Sure, it’s emotionally painful because you would think that the people who support you the most would be your friends and family.

I’ve heard the flipside to this as well. There are certain people who do end up starting a business and they have nothing but tremendous support from their friends and family. However, in my experience and observation of many young, startup entrepreneur across the country it would be easier to see pigs fly than get support from the people you love and care about the most.

Starting a Business: Two Types of People that Show Up or Show Out

Let me paint several, relative scenarios. You’ve gotten fed up with your job, or you got the sad news that you’re being laid off. You’ve hit the corporate glass ceiling realizing that no matter how good you are at your job and qualified you’ve become, there will ALWAYS be a limit to the amount of income you can make. You’ve had a passion in your heart to do something big…and now opportunity has knocked at your door enough times where starting your own business seems to be the obvious choice to finally placing financial control in your own hands for once.

Now, you know that what you are about to embark upon is a journey that very few, if any, of your family members in recent memory have ever done. The journey of entrepreneurship in your current circle of family and friends in a road less traveled, a path not yet blazed. You either decided to build your company from scratch funded with your own savings, buy a franchise of some sort or simply get involved in a network marketing company offering a unique product or service.

In your excitement you see the help you can provide those you love and care about based on the problems they’ve openly shared with you in the past. You say to yourself, “Wow, my company’s first customers and clients will be my parents, cousins, siblings…frat brothers, sorority sisters, wedding party, best friend, former military unit, godparents and mentor!”

You approach these people in giddy excitement with your product samples, flip chart, prospectus and brochures. You ask them to review what you have and of course, expect them to be your first customers, right?


Not only wrong, but they respond to you in resentment. Postured in an almost shameful manner meant towards you, they embarrassingly decline further entertaining your new endeavor and sadly, quash your excitement with their own negativity and skepticism.

“Just stick with your job”, they say. “Find something stable and secure. You need to pay the bills each month, you don’t have time for a business to eventually pay you. You need money now.”

Phew! Are you tired of hearing this already? If you are not prepared for the initial blowback of you having the balls in starting your own business that you are setting yourself up for early disappointment.

With that being said, continue of your journey ahead and expect many setbacks and challenges. The journey of entrepreneurship and having the courage to realize your own dreams is only experienced by very few in this country. Yet, the USA was built on the principles of entrepreneurship and starting your own business.

Keep yourself out of negative situations or people that settle for “contentment”, “status quo” or the average and ordinary. Just get back to the original reasons WHY you decided to go into business for yourself. It will make your victory and small successes along the way, that much more sweeter.

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Meanwhile, keep getting after it!

PS. Focus on your activities that create results and CASH FLOW! Support can always be “purchased” with your success!