Starting from the Bottom and Getting to the Top

Starting from the bottom and want to get to the top? This is the journey for entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s a universal truth no matter what you decide to do and become. This episode of The Movement Podcast is also live streamed on Facebook with guests Jose Gaytan & Jorge Pelayo of PHP Agency.


All three of them had started from the bottom, started from scratch. With less than $500 they began their own businesses. Jose Gaytan was a commercial debt collector. Jorge Pelayo was a server at Red Lobster.

Starting from the Bottom

All three of them come from average Latino neighborhoods and nothing financially special about them. They started from the bottom with no college education, no pedigree or someone “higher up” at a company to get them a foot in the door.

Today, they run their own respective businesses with high 6 and 7 figure incomes. Watch this episode for some nuggets they drop about starting from the bottom and getting to the top.