Taking a Leap of Faith, Closeout – Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP5

Words like “end of the month” and the risk-filled “take a leap of faith” were foreign words to me. The concept of burning the midnight oil and doing opposite of what other people were doing made me feel uncertain.

Normally, a Friday night would involve hanging out, lounging, clubbing…a recovering over the weekend.

That’s what I used to do what I had no direction or understanding of my purpose.

In episode 5 of Living Money Smart, I discuss what an end-of-the-month closeout culture is like when running a business. Plus, many entrepreneurs live in a world where it is a constant leap of faith. It’s a rare combination of aggressively pursuing your goals and yet having patience with those you lead, recruit and develop.

Featured in this veteran entrepreneur vlog is a high school friend of mine, Jennifer Jung, who is a single mom who turned down medical school for decision towards entrepreneurship. It saved her hundreds of thousands in student loans and after doing the millionaire math, she’d be making the equivalent if not more than an Eastern medicine practitioner.

Watch what she says about handling the last $200 to her name. That’s a leap of faith!

Why is it so hard for the typical middle-class kid to embrace becoming an entrepreneur? It’s a language that we weren’t raised to understand. And if we don’t understand it, it’s human nature to automatically reject it.

So if you want to make more money and have a shot at become richer, than you’ve got to break the pattern. And aspiring entrepreneurs break the pattern of cyclical “paycheck to paycheck” by changing what they do on evenings and weekends.

Entrepreneurship, if you allow it, will force you into massive personal development. You start looking at ALL things involved with your life differently. You’ll start seeing things that were initially difficult to face. However, the growth of your business depends on you having to reconcile many issues. When these are processed properly, you’ll discover that many things don’t serve your new development and purge them quickly.

When that happens, the magic starts to appear! Making income much further and greater than you thought impossible before, becomes possible! You’ll see paychecks in this episode of Armonti Landor earning over $2k in his first check. His cousin Victor Landor and Ana Rivera earning over $9k in a week.

Countless stories after stories like this after taking a leap of faith unravels. What was impossible before becomes possible.

End of the month closeout isn’t just a fire sale at a local furniture store. It’s an attitude, a way of thinking and one that maximizes every minute of every day, of every month.