Taking Patrick Bet-David’s New Lamborghini Aventador for a Spin

What do you do when you meet with your mentor to review your business plan for the next year? Go take his brand new Lamborghini Aventador for a spin! Huge thanks to Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet David, who picks up his 3rd exotic car in less than 2 years. He’s also the CEO/Founder of PHP Agency, Inc which is the fastest growing financial marketing organization in the United States.

It’s one thing to be a thought leader and expert in a field. Sure that sells me the dream. But hey, why not LIVE the dream? And I’ve seen him sacrifice, reinvest consistently back into his business long before he started buying his man toys.

In case Patrick Bet-David looks familiar, he is the one that made this massively successful viral video – Life of an Entrepreneur. It’s received well over 30M views on Facebook. Here he is in his Ferrari Italia 458.

It’s amazing to experience your own growth but even more amazing to see you mentor grow. When Patrick first started Valuetainment episodes four years ago, he’d get 50-100 views of his videos (lol, kinda like me now). However, after he started applying strategy and consistentcy his YouTube subscriber base went up and up and UP!

In fact, he’s about to surpass Entrepreneur magazine and Grant Cardone subscribers this year ahead. YES! His goal is to reach over 1M subscribers for Valuetainment. CRAZY!

Meanwhile, my goal is to hit 100k subscribers this year. So please, journey with me on this entrepreneur path. Here’s where you can subscribe to my channel where I will shoot videos about my pain, struggles, encouragement and victories. Click HERE to visit my YouTube channel and HERE to visit my Facebook page.

Plus, let me put this out there. I’ve added to my vision board a specific green Lamborghini Huracan that I BELIEVE is only 12 months away from being in my garage. Here she is:

MattSapaula, Lamborghini, Huracan, Aventador, Patrick Bet-David

(Thank you Kimm Oilar for placing the “MoneySmartMovement” logo on the door. Nice touch.)

HELLO! Hey, if you’re gonna dream you might as well dream BIG! Right? Believe is at an all time high. Deciding to ACT upon it to make this a reality is even higher.