The Mindset SHIFT to UNLOCK Your Inner Millionaire with Patrick Bet-David


They say, half the battle is fought and won in the mind alone. It is this fundamental truth that most people don’t even realize, let alone do something about it. Your mind is what makes things happen. As such, the kinds of thoughts you harbor in it determine the kind of life you live and continue to live in the future. It is all in your mindset.

In essence, anything you believe for yourself is probably true. If you believe, you can do it, that’s correct. If you believe, you can’t do it, that’s correct as well! Think about it for a second. When you believe you can do anything, you will put in actual work and you will do everything in your power to make your dreams come true, no matter how big they are or how crazy they seem to other people.

On the other hand, if you believe that you won’t be able to make it, then guess what? You probably won’t put in the effort. You won’t be motivated to chase something, which in this case would be your non-existent dreams. If there is no chase, then there is no accomplishment. So, once again, you prove yourself right by just believing that you won’t make it. You bring it into existence just with your thought. The significance of this is what people need to understand.

Patrick-Bet-David, who has been so successful in his life has the same advice for people who want to be different, who want to go out and do something big and who want to make their crazy dreams come true. It is for these people who want to become first-generation millionaires that he has a piece of really powerful advice. And, to make it even more significant and impactful, he gives this message from the yacht capital of the world.

In fact, he uses this place as an example to make his point. He says that there are tens of thousands of yachts in that area. Everywhere they go, they see one house after the other on the lake and there is a yacht in front of each one. So, this tells us that there are tens of thousands of people who believed that they could live this dream. They believed that they could come here on the weekends, probably with their families and spend some quality time together.

He also says that this is just one area in America. Imagine how many areas like this must be there throughout the world. This tells us that there are millions of people all around the globe who believed they could be successful. This is a really powerful message that we should all take to heart. All it takes is a single change in your mindset for you to achieve the seemingly impossible.