Ok, I’m going to break it down to you. Do you want to know the skillset to help you become a first-generation cash flow millionaire? I am going to tell you exactly how to do that in this post. So, the other day my kids came by the house the other day and told me that they were really frustrated due to this pandemic situation. They just graduated high school last year and now they’re going to college. And in their first year, the pandemic led to the shutting down of schools and colleges.

So, they wanted to know what they should do about college, finances, careers, and so on. Therefore, I had this conversation with them about what they needed to do to be successful and cashflow millionaires. First of all, it’s important to note that President Trump recently signed an executive order to prefer skills over college degrees. I have always believed in my heart that in order to be successful and rich you don’t need a college degree. I am, myself, a good example of that.

I always tell my kids that the fast track to riches or success is not a college degree but through sales. Think about it, no matter what you are doing, you are essentially selling something or the other. In the job market, you have to sell yourself. So, you need to learn how to sell better. It’s just a prerequisite in the world that we live in. So, what’s my secret to closing more sales?

From the very beginning, you need to look at the whole thing as a series of steps. The first step is to have a product/service. Then come the people working in the business. It could be just you or a team of people. Then comes a crucial step – the process. You need to understand the process of sales from first to last clearly. And you also need to understand the initial part of your process (usually the first 15%), determines 85% of your success. So, focus on that initial part a lot.

In my process, the first part of our process involves mastering certain scripts and learning how to gauge qualified prospects. The first one takes care of the actual interaction and conversation with prospects and the second one allows agents to quickly measure whether or not the other person will be a good prospect.

The third part is the positioning. The way you position yourself can determine if you are working uphill or downhill. If your marketing strategy is well-thought-out and if you deliver results on a constant basis, it will gradually build your reputation. This will allow you to be better positioned. So, instead of working uphill, which is harder, you will be able to work downhill, which is a lot easier.

On top of all this, you really need to learn how to communicate well. This is the single most important ingredient in the process of selling. You can take some really important notes from comedians to learn how to effectively communicate. They not only have to grab your attention, but also communicate in a way that can make you laugh.