The Shocking Truth About How We Make Money Right Now During the Pandemic

So, let’s talk about this little company called Zoom – have you ever used zoom before this current pandemic? Well, the usage of Zoom is now up for 20 percent. It is being used by offices, churches, schools, even government institutions. All are using Zoom for online collaboration and working as this virtual world has been set upon by this pandemic.

So, well what’s the issue with zoom? Actually Zoom has been exposed to its problems. Because of usage, because of everybody flying in and using this platform. So, they’ve discovered encryption issues and even worse – security issues. Even the Prime Minister of the UK has revealed that the people that should not be in the meeting or conversation are present there. To rescue, zoom put all stuff for fixing, engineering, and getting rid of all these problems. So, people can trust the platform and they can actually do business online. Because there are companies that are clearly saying that they’ll not use zoom for their private matters.

So, how does this make sense for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to make 7 figures?

All I can say is “you’ve been exposed”…

Most of you at this stage of their life will be saying things like “I have a good job, a secured job, I am safe and stable. I am good so, why should I take unnecessary risks?”

Well, the thing is that you have got to take risks for your survival. Because the company you’ve been working with may no longer stay forever, the clients that have been around may no longer stay. So, you’d then be looking for government reliefs, stimulus checks, and loans.

So, all of us have been exposed and it’s the time to rethink and restructure our strategies for our lives. The virus has just told us that things that may appear secure and safe may no longer

But more importantly, would you do something about all this now? Because your future self is saying “please make a change, please make a shift, please pivot, please adjust, please improve, please strategize” so, as it’s rightly said, you’re like repeating the same thing again and again with expecting different results.

This is the moment for adversity, consistency, determination, and resolve; to expose your character and maybe another opportunity.

If I’d share my experiences with you even I was exposed badly. I was not in the business; I was not sure how to hire people, how to market, and how to make money. So, I started learning things like MySpace, Facebook, and other social media networks, and my business was entirely changed.

So, if you not improvise, you don’t adapt, and you don’t overcome – you’re gone.

You’ve got few options, based on the exposure – Option A – you keep on doing what you were doing but remember everyone is shifting, everything is adapting and Option – B pivot, adapt, and grow.

It’s now the opportunity and these are the steps to become the best version of you.