Treating Your Business Like a 2x SUPER BOWL CHAMPION! | ENTREPATHLETE 005

I am so thankful for entrepreneurship. Here’s why. I’m currently looking at our cash flow in our business and I made the same amount of money in a month that former NFL Pro Ray Crockett made his first year in the league in 1989. In fact, Ray himself says that the area where he lives is filled with entrepreneurs who didn’t play basketball or other professional sports to become rich.

He is right in saying that there are more multi-millionaire entrepreneurs than there are multi-millionaire football players. Also of note is that the life expectancy of entrepreneurs is higher than that of professional sports players. So, once you become a millionaire as an entrepreneur, you can stay that way for a longer period of time. You can live that life for a long time.

Ray Crockett is famous for the bump and run technique where he literally makes it clear to the opponent that he is the one who is in control. He says that it is this technique that made him a successful player. If you translate that to business, you learn that you need to dictate how things are going to be and not the other way around. When it comes to life, you do the same. Be the one in control.

Many people think that bump and run is a football term. But it is not. It is a life term. Whatever comes your way, you need to get up close and personal. You need to look at the challenges right in the eyes and seize control. It doesn’t mean you start being reactive to every single thing but you learn how to respond with everything you have in you. That’s what makes the difference in the end, whether it is sports, business, or life.

Ray is full of insights like these. And that is what we love as entrepathletes. It’s these insights that helps us translate the wisdom of sports into entrepreneurship. One such golden nugget is about being versatile. In sports, if you are able to do many things, you can keep playing for longer. As you age, you can take on roles that are less demanding on your body but equally important. This will ensure that you stay longer in the game.

In business too, you need to be versatile. That way you can leverage many different opportunities and can handle more than anybody else. Naturally, this ensures success. As an entrepreneur, you need to continuously learn new skills and expand your horizons. You have to be on your toes at all times and look for ways to be more versatile. If you want to enjoy and win the money game, it’s essential that you do that.