Trump Tax Plan: What the Media Isn’t Telling You with Sandy Botkin, CPA, Esq

Two things are certain in life, Death and Taxes! Cliche, eh? What isn’t cliché is Sandy Botkin, my tax advisor, breaking down the Trump Tax Plan and what the media is not telling you.

Taxes and understanding how taxes affect your money are a big reason why the rich are getting richer.

Sandy Botkin has always impressed me with his energy and wisdom. He is excited to help you understand something everybody is concerned about – the Trump Tax Plan and it’s affect on the middle class income earners, those thinking about starting a business and entrepreneurs growing their enterprise.

I welcome Sandy Botkin to the Movement Podcast. He is a CPA, attorney and author of the book “Lower Your Taxes Big Time” to help break down what the media isn’t telling you about the Trump Tax Plan, that was signed into affect by President Trump in Dec 2017.

Get your notebooks ready and pay attention! This just might help you avoid paying taxes BIG TIME this tax season!

Trump Tax Plan: Break it down Sandy Botkin!

1:08 Big companies making positive changes

2:01 The “Real Deal” behind the Trump Effect

2:52 How it affects small businesses

4:24 The Trickle down affect: Trump Effect

7:40 Lower Tax Rates. Who gets them?

8:18 Small Businesses get a big cut!

9:39 What the media is not telling you

10:57 Tax Free States

11:24 1st Big Problem for Small Businesses

13:17 2nd Big Problem facing Businesses

15:18 3rd Major Problem for Businesses

18:06 What to do to make an adjustment

18:32 A very Beefy Automobile deduction

23:22 What about my Tesla?!

24:29 Gamblers beware!

26:00 Tax Tips from Sandy

27:26 More Robots!

28:37 The ideal beneficiary of the Tax Plan

30:15 The new six figure income

31:34 What about the middle class?

32:29 Property Taxes and Real Estate

33:39 The impact on the Real Estate Market/Industry

35:40 Student Loan Interest

36:44 Is this still the era to be an Entrepreneur?

38:05 Sandy’s Recommendation for you!

39:06 Turn your vacation into a tax-cation!

41:10 Another detrimental part of the Tax bill

44:19 Why Vote 1099

45:13 A major problem for our country

47:40 Good Debt and Bad Debt

48:40 Up to how much for business equipment write offs?!

50:38 Questions from the viewers

51:09 Investment Properties

51:56 Purchase vs Leasing a new car

54:18 Owning a Duplex: Living in one side and Renting the other

55:07 One really BIG tip from Sandy!

56:45 When does it go into Affect?

57:08 Solar Upgrades

57:25 Appreciating Sandy’s time

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