Two Words Most Don’t Like (Work Ethic) | LivingMoneySmart a Vetrepreneur VLOG EP28

Two words most don’t like yet it’s the ultimate separator – WORK ETHIC!

Life does not go to the swift nor the strong but the man that can keep on keeping’ on.

Work ethic and investing time, not necessarily tons of money, to improve yourself compounds you closer to your goals.

Toughest part is feeling like you’re missing out on something when most people you’re around unknowingly distract you. Before the glory, you build your story.

Here’s EP28 of Living Money Smart, a Vetrepreneur VLOG.


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Two Words Most Don’t Like (Work Ethic)

00:07 How do you get There?!

1:02 Where did you grow up?

1:45 How I found my way into finances

2:04 What it takes to make it

2:11 Good leader vs Bad leader

2:57 First phase of income

2:58 Second phase of income

3:05 Third phase of income

3:13 Fourth phase of income

3:31 Strange things about life

4:05 Making my first Million