Veteran Entrepreneurship – Finding Your Next Mission

Coming back home after serving two enlistments in the Marine Corps, I didn’t realize I was in for a bit of culture shock. I said I’d party my ass off and live like no other. “Sapaula, here’s to you finding your next mission,” I’d hear from my buddies right before doing beer curls.

Being part of deployments to the Persian Gulf, Middle East and Somalia silently was stacking up on me.

I pushed things down and away.

Once I returned home and didn’t have a military base to go to or a formation to be in, my daily routine unwound my life pretty quickly. Getting 3 jobs (YMCA lifeguard, Jiffy Lube hood tech and Olive Garden server) paid my bills.  Yet I was financially drowning. I was a single father with custody of my son.

Money and a negative bank account took me to another war. There were daily battles of debt, limitations and my own demons.

Thank God, a retired Master Sergeant named Carleton Enloe, recruited me into an area where I could have a fighting chance. That was into the world of business and entrepreneurship. I was thankful he struck up a conversation with me in a bathroom of a Best Buy.

Although he gave me his business card, I never called him and I knew I should. Yet, he tracked me down and got me involved in the financial services industry. I thought I was inadequate since I had no college degree. I was given a shot to take control of my life and my next career.

He said, “I’ll help you in finding your next mission”. Subtle words I didn’t realize would completely change my life. Subtle words that become a positive distractions from symptoms of PTSD that others were beginning to notice.

I was honored to talk about this transition with fellow Marine Corps veteran, Brian Zimmerman, on his new podcast VetHustle.

Here’s the blog post he created and the interview in the link below.

Semper Fi!