#Vote1099 Entrepreneur Tour and Why You Should Attend

Have you ever considered working for yourself? Is what your boss, career or industry is paying you in salary, enough support your chosen lifestyle? There are many topics being debated throughout this Presidential election. But it’s not the Republican Red, or the Democratic Blue…it’s what the American GREEN, i.e. more money, that people need.

I am very proud to announce that the #Vote1099 Entrepreneur Tour is underway and visiting over 20 cities in the next 30 days. For those seeking answers to the biggest questions they have about their future, it will awaken the spirit within us the desire and hope of financial control, stability and security. How? It’s not with having a W2 job, rather the journey of entrepreneurship through 1099 self-employment.

What is a 1099?

It’s the opposite of what most Americans receive. 1099 is the IRS form you receive for being an independent contractor, whether your receive fees, commission or payment for work you do by establishing a trade or business.

It’s the indication that you are working for yourself, stepping out in faith, creating greater opportunities for yourself and distancing from the normal 9-5 routine for income.

Why should you #Vote1099 and rally to the Entrepreneur Tour stop in your area?

Because you are financially sick and tired or being sick and tired. You have come to realization that the traditional path towards financial security and opportunity is not in the hands of your employer. You would rather have financial control…in YOUR hands vs. someone else who ends up calling the shots for what you are worth.

Still having a hard time believing this? I know. Many people have been lulled for generations that opportunity, fulfillment and financial security is with an employer. “Take the safe, secure route…you’ll be just fine,” says traditional wisdom. Sure, it may have worked in the past…but the 21st century, tech-driven, quickly changing business landscape demands better.

Yahoo!Finance helped announce that PHP Agency Inc. is on a 2nd annual Entrepreneur tour this year sponsored by AIG and Foresters.

“Entrepreneurship is vital to job growth and we are proud to be a voice encouraging entrepreneurs everywhere. Almost every topic except entrepreneurship has been covered in this year’s presidential debates. That’s troubling! To bridge that gap, PHP’s annual Entrepreneur Tour encourages people to follow their hearts and achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs,” said Bet-David.

According to Statista, the median household income in 1996 was $53,345 and today, some twenty years later, it’s $53,657, a change of only $312. Over the same time period the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that inflation has driven $1 in 1996 to $1.52 today. American household income is flat while inflation and the cost of living has increased 52%.

My wife and I are excited about sharing a message of financial hope across the country and the “how-tos” along the way. It’s not everyday that we get to be a part of something special like this, let alone having your face on the side of a tour bus across the USA.

I am a big believer in the power of entrepreneurship. It has taken this U.S Marine from bootcamp to the boardroom…and the friendships, associations and the victory milestones I have experienced would have NEVER come from working for someone else. Success and discovering ways to earn more income is a great unifier.

Register here for to grab your free tickets for the #Vote1099 Entrepreneur tour stop at the Oakbrook Marriott on June 25th, 2016 from 10am-Noon. See you then!