#Vote1099 on WCGO 1590: How to Create More Income

Create more income was the topic at hand dfor the financially starving, time broke people of America was the conversation last night live, on-air with Daniel French on WCGO 1590’s French and Friends Show. It was a refreshing conversation to discuss the challenges of budgeting, personal finance and making a living today by overcoming them with this one particular focus.

Do you really think the typical 9-5 job and working for someone else as an employee is going to cut it? Hesitant about making some changes? Check this out:

How do we help solve this and gain some financial altitude above this situation?

Create More Income and Vote1099!

Going from an W2 employee to working for yourself as a 1099 independent contractor, which is the beginning steps to becoming an entrepreneur, can be filled with anxiety or even fear. Yet with every economic condition working AGAINST the typical person in America today, we have got to make some tough choices.

Continued excitement surrounds us during this 30 day, 20 city national #Vote1099 tour. We are on a campaign across America awakening the entrepreneurial spirit that will help create more income. I look forward to shaking hands and meeting new people who are like-minded that “get it”.

What have you done to boost your income, make more money and increase your cash flow? What has been your experience in working for yourself or becoming your own boss?