Wealth Gap: Road to Zero Wealth & Income Inequality of Black, Latino, Asians

Wealth gap in America seems obvious, but the data is even more shocking. I’m referencing a report by Prosperity Now called Road to Zero Wealth, Income Inequality and how the racial wealth divide is getting bigger and bigger.

Black, Latino, Asian households will own 60-80% less wealth (than they did in 1983) by 2024. ??‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♀️??‍♂️

Racial wealth gap and income inequality with Matt Sapaula on the Money Smart Show

Military veterans this includes many of you too. ???40% of our military is made up of minorities.

My guests on the #MoneySmartShow are Curtis & Spring Eatmon, former pro basketball player and runway model. They are also co-owners of PHP Agency are we’re fired up about this talk concerning the wealth gap and solutions to close it.

00:06 How the Racial Wealth Divide is hollowing out the middle class

2:09 Shocking States due to Racial Wealth divide

5:05 What happens if Middle Class was defined by wealth rather than income

6:00 Introducing Sheena Sapaula (My Wife)

6:19 Welcoming Curtis & Spring Eatmon to the Show

7:08 Sheena’s insight on what minority families struggle with

8:17 Curtis & Spring give their feed back on the racial wealth divide

11:28 Why you need to get into the habit of doing things differently

14:46 What the minority class is saying about financial education

17:55 Black Women and Money: Here the conversation

22:16 Why Black, Latino, Asian families might be so far behind

22:59 The conversation about Life Insurance Amongst Minorities

28:18 Whats going on at with the Minority community and money

31:33 Solutions for the Minority community

36:50 An Impactful story about Life Insurance

40:00 Was Wealth building ever something you talk about in college?

43:49 a Message for those that want to fix their situation

51:19 Thanking Curtis & Spring for their time!