What?🤯 After Party at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Getting Face on Jumbotron

After Party At Dallas Cowboys Stadium And Getting Face On Jumbotron!

After our annual Train the Trainers event in Dallas, Patrick Bet-David surprises us yet again with a SICK after-party at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Plus ANYONE who broke a company record with PHP Agency got their name upon one of the NFL’s biggest jumbotrons. Danny Singson from our San Mateo office got up there for closing the largest life insurance case in the history of our entire company. Then Sheena and I got up on the Jumbotron for doing the most amount of business in a month.

Yes, this is the insurance industry and I’ve been doing this for twenty years! I’ve never had this much fun since coming to PHP Agency on Jan 2015. Also in this video are two of our youngest agents and so to be running their own agency as Marketing Director, Roman, and Yesenia. Then Jamie Musgrove from our Memphis office alongside Maurice Hansberry from Oakbrook HQ pop in to share their experience working with PHP Agency. Today they’re both making well over six-figures.

Looking FWD to our annual convention in less than 60 days at The Mirage in Vegas.

Keynote speakers: Billy Beane, Jordan Peterson, Kobe Bryant, and President George W. Bush will be rocking our stage!

What is interesting about this is that Roman Sanchez and Jessania Sanchez from Sacramento, two successful entrepreneurs were also attending the after-party, are a direct example of how destiny has interrupted their lives!

Roman was born a cowboys’ fan, and here he is today attending the after-party, thanks to PHP Agency! He was super excited and said that “If you are sleeping on PHP, then you really need to wake up”. Roman and Jessania are still in their twenties, and they managed to gain more than $20,000 so far this year!

Danny Singson, he came from a wolf financial group, he was also at the after-party. Danny talked about how unique it is to have a CEO that is in the trenches with his team. He said that it is fanatical, not just about growing the company but growing the people in the company! He’s never seen someone be so on point about helping others and understanding them.

Danny encourages people towards entrepreneurship, saying that being just in the money industry allows an opening to so many doors because when you know more about money, all of sudden you are the most popular guy in the room. It is not just your product knowledge, or understatement about the industry, it is all about the people that you are working with, the mentorship, the guidance, and the leadership. You just have to learn more about money and you actually monetize the world around you.

Danny made about $124,000 in the first five days of May!

Aside from that, we were all pretty excited when we saw our faces in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium jumbotron!

The fact that PHP Agency rented the whole facility, just for us it pretty awesome! That’s why you deserve a company that takes care of you just like PHP Agency does!

If you feel like you’re not operating at your fullest potential, it’s best to ask yourself: “Am I happy with what I can withdraw from my bank account? If not? Don’t you think it is time to make some changes…? Because if you don’t, the whole year goes by, and guess what happens? Nothing….!


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