What is Stock Equity Ownership? | PHP Agency | Stock Option Signing Ceremony 2019

Getting Stock Equity Ownership in PHP Agency! 

What does getting equity ownership in a company mean? What are stock options? What is the significance of the PHP Agency Equity Ownership inventive? Hi everyone! We’re here today to discuss stock equity ownership in PHP Agency! What does it mean? How did we get it and how can you earn it too!

Back in May 2017, Matt Sapaula and his wife signed the stock equity paperwork of PHP Agency from bursting their tails in the field and earning stock of their company. You must know that not anyone can buy it, you have to work hard on it in order to earn it.

In 2018, Matt and his wife were assigned a stock equity paperwork, their theme is “Be one, build one”. It wasn’t enough for just them, so they included other people to do it too. We have a whole class of stock equity option holders of the MoneySmart movement team. And we’re all gathered here in a table, holding our packages, ready to sign it!

It is one thing to work for a company, but to have an opportunity to go in business for yourself and to have a certain “ownership” in a company is another!

“It’s once in a lifetime opportunity. You saw what happened with Facebook when people have owned shares of the company. Some people didn’t think 7%, went a long way, but when Facebook went public, it became over a hundred million dollars of income for some of them, that’s why it’s a big deal for everybody.” (Explains Matt Sapaula’s wife about the power of ownership).

The coolest thing about this is that our team are not “employees”, all of them are independent contractors. They don’t need to be here, they want to be here and for a matter of a fact, they are qualified to be here.

Matt Sapaula asked his team, ‘how much money did you invest to start your own PHP business’. Depending on which part of the country, some said “$150, others said $500”.

But the point is for less than $500, you can start a business with PHP Agency. Obviously, they had to get money to get a license too as well, but a $150-$500 can give you 150 million dollars!

Here is a list of our awesome class:

Tommy Clark,

Jacksonville, FL.

Tony Martinez, Miami, FL.

Evelyn Richardson, San Diego, CA.

Chris Richardson, San Diego, CA.

Brittany Pelaez, Miami, FL.

Rudy Ortiz, Chicago, IL.

Jonathon Mason, Orlando, FL.

Lizette Garcia, Chicago, IL.

Javier Hernandez, Chicago,IL.

Rich Love, Chicago, IL.

The most interesting thing is that everyone here comes from a diverse background. Matt also emphasized on the fact that you don’t need to go to college to become an insurance agent.

Our law firm is a straddling law firm. In 2017, our law firm was Cooley’s law firm and they built billion-dollar companies. The packages we signed represent millions and millions of dollars, once you do this, you become the next billion dollars company inside the insurance industry.

This event happened in May 2017 as well as May 2018, and the same thing will occur this year for round four of the equity program!


If you are looking to start your own business, build your own insurance agency or switch your platform to our business model to earn stock equity ownership of PHP Agency, drop us a message and/or comment on my Youtube Channel