What Keeps Broke People BROKE | Get Money EP4

What keeps broke people broke? I remember my first job at 15 years old as a bike messenger downtown in the 80s. The days before email and fax machines, they hired teenager like me to deliver print outs from the printshop. You remember your first job?

Funny how it seemed you had more money back then, even thought you’re making ten times the money now?

In this video we’ll be sharing what keeps people broke.

Money is many facets and we’ll discuss two major ones in this conversation.

Joining me today is Ruddy Ortiz and Veronica Garcia. Both of them are Puerto Rican and come from Humboldt Park, Chicago.

All three of us have ONE thing in common. We weren’t raised with a silver spoon in our mouths and we both had our first jobs at 14-15 years old. Our upbringing about money and awareness of it came from negative experiences.

We’ve observed a good part of our adult lives people even going to school, obtaining advanced education to land a dream job. Yet, they’re still broke.

How does one really stop the cycle of broke people always broke?

Have you seen how we go about our day via Instagram Stories and take a look at what we focus our attention on?

First, Money is a Mindset.

Secondly, Financial Habits, can either make us rich or keep broke people broke.