Why Bad Employees Make Even Worse Entrepreneurs

Bad employees make better entrepreneurs, working for themselves. Right? Not really. Even worse. Ride along with veteran entrepreneurs MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula and Richard Love, who talk about bad employees who attempt to strike it out on their own as entrepreneurs.

If one doesn’t know how to get a job, keep a job and move up the ranks at their job will find many difficulties launching their own business.

When I interview for a new staff member to fill a position on our team or recruiting for our firm, here are some of the things I pay attention to:

  1. Do they show up on time? In fact, a little early.
  2. How are they dressed? Do they care about their personal appearance?
  3. How often have they gone from job to job?
  4. How they talk about their previous company or career. Is it positive or negative?
  5. Did they simply complete their job duties or did they demonstrate going above and beyond. Do they like going the extra mile?
  6. Do they like money, how ambitious they are, what drives them to succeed.
  7. Can they give me an example of doing more, with less? Do they take consistent personal intitiative? Resourceful to find information on their own?
  8. Do they always talk about problems, overcoming their problems but coming up with solutions on a frequent basis?
  9. Are they a “high maintenance” individual?

Well, I hope that works for now. How people answer these questions both verbally, and non-verbally as I interview them helps me determine whether they were a bad employee or a caged lion waiting for a chance to be free.