#WhyStartUp Entrepreneur Tour a National Hit Led by Patrick Bet-David

As the Why Start Up Entrepreneur Tour led by Patrick Bet-David makes it’s way throughout country, people share their experiences with remarks made such as “inspiring” and having “genuine excitement” to the “new beginning to taking control of their financial future”.

More importantly, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t as difficult as many had thought.

Over 16 cities had the hastag #WhyStartUp RV land in their backyards. Personally I had the chance to helping co-host a tour stop in Chicago along with our friends of the Money Smart Movement. Then I got the chance to do a “mini-tour” by piggybacking this momentum in Redding, Sacramento and San Diego, CA.

More on Why Start Up Entrepreneur Tour with Patrick Bet-David

When we originally shared this #WhyStartUp Entrepreneur tour, it was the first time any financial agency led the country in how to make more money, instead of the tired saying of “always save 10% of what you make and cut your expenses”.

Easy to verify and validate by Patrick Bet-David’s personal brand and company, PHP Agency is on the cutting edge of social media in the financial services industry. I believe just ONE his videos went viral, reaching over 20M viewers. He started PHP Agency in 2009 and just six years later, is the fastest growing financial agency in America today.

During this #WhyStartUp Entrepreneur tour, Patrick Bet-David was able to nail down some killer interviews with other celebrities in the personal finance and entrepreneur space. Icons such as Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and of course Grant Cardone, best selling author of the 10X Rule. Keep posted on this blog as I’ll be sharing these interviews here soon!

Why SERIOUSLY Consider Becoming an Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, there only so much you can cut down, scrape and reduce until you literally have no life. As well as the good intentions are of the Dave Ramseys and Suze Ormans of the world may be (I said good intentions, not good solutions) it lacks the necessity and urgency for people to simply find ways to earn more income. After all it’s not that hard to manage what you ultimately don’t have.

What would get you more fired up about…saving 10% of your $50k per year job or 10% of your $500k revenue from a business you were able to build (and have unlimited upside potential doing so)?

When I was 24 years old, a retired Master Sergeant brought to me a conversation about learning the “rule of the money game”. And that conversation opened up a whole new world to me that I new existed, I just didn’t know where the door was to get in.

If you are reading this right now and you want a door to “get in”, to start taking control of your financial life and make more money…consider becoming a startup entrepreneur. If you want to know where, how and what it takes to begin, fill in the information below and either I will reach out to you in the Chicagoland area or I would be glad to make an introduction for you in your area if I have one.

Until next time…START UP!