Winning is a Habit, a Choice: Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP2


Episode 2 titled Winning is a Habit, a Choice has @MoneySmartGuy Matt Sapaula sharing his mindset towards being a veteran entrepreneur. Also, Jason Graziani flies in from Dallas, TX as a guest speaker and trainer at a monthly Fast Start School for New Entrepreneurs.

Matt Sapaula also shows that entrepreneurship doesn’t breed natural golfers. While in the grind on major hustle mode, one of the things that has been sacrificed on his way to the top is a strong golf game. Sadly, a solid golf swing has evaded Matt. Thankfully we get to address this issue on a Friday night at Top Golf in Naperville, IL.

Winning is a habit, a Choice

Making money and wealth building requires those courageous enough to take a step forward into the unknown. This habit is further strengthened by continuous decision to choose one’s associations. Winning in business is determined mostly by the books you read, the meetings you attend and the people you surround yourself with.

Jason Graziani is an Executive Vice President and co-owner of PHP Agency, Inc who also came from Transamerica World Financial Group. He was one of the first people that Matt spoke to when he came over to PHP Agency in Jan 2015. Speaking with him about the transition from one financial firm to another was a key moment for Matt. He realized that Jason was a crazy competitor who also develop a mindset that winning IS a habit.

During this month’s Fast Start School for Entrepreneurs with a room filled with 400+ people brought people from multiple states. This has been hosted now each month for the past 6 months at the McDonald’s Campus at Hamburger University.

Winning is a habit, a choice…and one that applies to one’s decision to have a normal, regular job versus becoming an entrepreneur. Often times people feel that business is too hard and that being an entrepreneurship is not what is cracked up to be. Well that is a DECISION on what you decide to focus on.

Winning in business works. Many people who approached their journey towards entrepreneurship don’t give themselves enough time and patience to see their business flourish. As you can see, winning IS a habit. Sadly, so is quitting…and most people do just that. That’s why the MoneySmartMovement team and PHP Agency, Inc is helping change all that!