Winning the Everyday Battle: Best Inspirational Video for Entrepreneur & Military Veterans

Extremely excited to share our first of many, best inspirational videos for entrepreneurs and military veterans. They are all actual stories of our people, using actual LIVE footage from our personal journey. Please watch and share with someone you know that is going through a process of transformation and working towards their breakthrough!

Winning the Everyday Battle by Matt Sapaula

It’s amazing how in a few short yearsa 16 year old kid can learn to,

Serve his country, Fight for freedom

And even… Sacrifice his life for his brother.

The military never promised a rose garden,

But they promised, we’d learn the pure meaning of honor,

Courage in the face of danger and…

Commitment to never quit.

They prepared us to be a force in readiness,

To fight and defend, against all enemies…

Foreign and domestic on the battlefield,

But sometimes…The real battles are not on the Frontline…

They’re on the Inside

The real enemy…that no one sees.

When most of us leave the military

we are left with uncertainty,

Insecurity and Confused about our new mission in the world.

For me personally, the journey has not been easy

I’ve had many setbacks along the way

From a failed marriage and custody battles,

Financial hardships and even Bankruptcy

Through it all, I was determined to go on

I knew that there was a dream I wanted to live

I knew that I could change my reality by making the right choices

My choices started with

Taking charge again,

I stopped blaming everyone,and I put my pride and ego aside

So I can follow leaders that equipped me for success

Thats when I started to win again.

Here’s what I’ve learned

When you Serve, Serve those around us

When you Fight, Fight for your friends and family at homeA

nd when you Sacrifice, Sacrifice so youcan show someone else a better way.

It’s when we make these kinds choices everyday, that we can win the Everyday Battle.

Just like I did….and so can you.

Crew and Cast:

Producer: Matt Sapaula

Lead Actor: Matt Sapaula

Narrator: Matt Sapaula

Writer: Lorenzo Salas and Matt Sapaula

Director and Editor: Lorenzo Salas

Director of Photography: Lorenzo Salas

Behind the Scenes Director of Photography: Lorenzo Salas

Other Actors: Tom Ellsworth, Patrick Bet-David, Richard Love, Lizette Garcia, Javier Hernandez and the PHP Agency’s Money Smart Movement team