Women Entrepreneurs on the RISE!

Love the support we provide to women entrepreneurs! On tonight’s monthly call, we had Diana Joe hosting a call w/four dynamic women.As a USC grad turned financial entrepreneur over the past 11 years she had some amazing women share a little about their success and how they maintain through both the good and tough times.

Cherise Barkley, had a job when her husband started a business. Eventually they came together, defined their roles and pulled together realizing they more than quadrupled their output.

Veronica Terrazas, recently opened a new office in NW Indiana learned to always be excited and fight through the tough times. “Trust the process”, she says and that negative pressure is actually positive pressure awaiting in transformation.

Rosy Ortiz, clinical social worker turned entrepreneur, talks about importance of daily communication and goal setting. Also, work closely with a committed member of your team and they’ll help you lead others to their individual goals as well.

Sheena Sapaula, talks about the importance of looking professional as a business woman. How a woman presents herself can either build up or detract from a environment and culture of an organization. Also, many woman misunderstand how important they are as the “glue” to a business, as well as their home.

If you are a women entrepreneur and feel alone or limited, we have a community for you to plug into! Fill in your information below and we’ll alert you to the next call, webinar or live event. Women entrepreneurs are on the rise and there is NO stopping them!