Women in Insurance, Rise of the Momtrepreneur – Living Money Smart a Veteran Entrepreneur VLOG EP6

Where are more women experiencing higher levels of freedom, control of their time and security of their income? It’s the Rise of the Momtrepreneur in the Insurance Industry!
Really? Here’s why – more women today are graduating college (more than men). Plus more women are taking high ranking positions in corporate America, government and even starting their own businesses.
Simply put, the demand for more women entering the financial industry has never been greater. In fact, more than half the wealth in America has shifted into the control of women since 2010. There just needs to be more women in insurance. 
And what better way to be in a field that provides high income, flexibility of schedule and freedom of time! That’s what women in insurance as a momtrepreneur are experiencing today!
Matt Sapaula also includes his work with the Miller Lite #TapTheFuture initiative in building up Chicago entrepreneurs. He hosted an event called “Business and Beer”. They are connecting new, aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs together. Those who compete in this annual contest have a chance to earn a piece of $250k for their business.
Small group mentorship sessions are a strong suit for Matt and the Money Smart Movement team of PHP Agency. They host a regional Fast Start School for New Entrepreneurs at Hamburger University on McDonald’s campus. But before the serious work begins, they take their own of town guests for hookahs and cigars.
Watch as we highlight Rodolfo & Cecy Vargas frm Houston, TX…and the PHP Ladies! Check out Mama Maria Ortiz’s reaction at 15:42…WOW!
Happy early Mother’s Day as we honor you!!