You’ll Either Find Reasons to Succeed or Excuses to Quit

Our office is directly across the street from the Oakbrook Mall. Typically in the financial services industry, most of my colleagues and peer group take a NICE long vacation in December simply because they do VERY little business in December. However, that is far from our situation and how our business model is designed. In the pursuit of happiness, you’ll either find reasons to succeed or excuses to quit.

In fact our offices are jammed with entrepreneurs and people looking to get ahead financially in the year ahead. Take a look at this video from our office on Christmas Eve.

Over the past 30 days since Thanksgiving, I’ve witnessed right outside my office window and jam, packed Oakbrook Mall parking lot. And the traffic? For miles, cars, minivans and SUVs line up to get into the radius of the mall entrance.

What goes through my mind is how often people can make excuses to NOT get ahead financially and yet, spend time draining their income shopping for days. It’s all about priorities and WHAT you decide to re-prioritize.

While the typical financial services agent or advisor shuts down in December, I ask “why?”. Their answer? “Nobody is thinking about their money in December. They’re not interested outside of spending money instead.”Ok. Keep thinking like that and offices like ours will run circles around you for years and gain decades of business on you because your “mentors” allowed you to maintain low standards.

Worse, it sets a poor example for the clientele and community you are building. That’s of course, if you’re even remotely interested in building people rather than having a transactional relationship.

Being money conscious is an all-the-time thing. If the average and ordinary person, like me, is ever going to get ahead they’ll have to decide what mental knee-jerk reactions they want to live with the rest of their lives.

You’ll either find excuses to succeed or reasons to quit. Settling for good enough is up to you. – Matt Sapaula

Here’s another video from our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. Looks like this is going to be a tradition that sticks.

I love having the chance to build a relationship with people that “get it” and make a decision to want more out of life. We’re so past the titles, the status but fighting everyday to get better. Never being satisfied about our latest individual success story but to build towards the next one. Better yet is getting to the next success story of helping someone else winning in business within our MoneySmartMovement community.

Here are 3 things that have helped me consistently find reasons to succeed:

1. Books You Read – yes, self-development and improvement. You won’t find me with a novel in my hand. You’ll easily find a biography or author that has “been there, done that”. I love to know that I can access someone’s years of trial and error. I love to know I can access their knowledge, education and experience in the palm of my hand. It saves me years of heartache and allows me to take a learning curve and convert it into a success curve.

2. People You Surround Yourself With – here’s where it can get painful. I ask myself, “Do this person ADD to my life or take, from my life?” If that person is someone that doesn’t get you to stretch towards higher levels than that’s a person that will drag you down to theirs. I find it shocking that some of the people you went to high school with can still talk about the same things. So, if you find yourself removing people from your constant communication that isn’t helping you grow then you want to proactively seek new friendships that do.

3.  Meetings and Events You Attend – I personally gave up bars and clubs long ago after being a consistent customer to this industry from Thursday to Sunday. I realized that the bar and club scene drained more money and relationships at a multiplying pace. When I became conscious of not only WHO I was hanging around with but WHERE I was hanging with them at, immediate gamechanger. I automatically was put into an environment where the best version of me would be cultivated to grow and develop.

Give these 3 things a shot in your pursuit to find more reasons to succeed versus settling for excuses. Here’s the crazy part…if you don’t, are you happy being in the same spot financially, emotionally and personally this time next year? The answer is something YOU have to deal with and what reality you decide to create.