You’re Hired! How Trump Inauguration Affects Building Our American Dream

It’s official. Mr. Donald J. Trump has taken his oath and now the 45th President of the United States of America. After the Trump Inauguration, we went YouTube LIVE with my friends in the entrepreneur community to get their opinion and perspective of what lies ahead.

Interesting observation from my fellow co-hosts on this call, made my mentor Patrick Bet-David. He said the following about us:

  • None of us come from money or any family wealth
  • Our parents come from different countries, territories of the United States (like Puerto Rico)
  • Most of us (me included) don’t have a college degree
  • We began the journey of entrepreneurship in the midst of financial struggles
  • We have earned multi-six figure income, some 7-figures…and some deca-millionaires
  • Chose to stick with tough decisions even when everyone told us we were crazy
  • Speakers, trainers at next week’s upcoming annual convention in Ft. Worth, TX called Field of Dreams

Meanwhile, as protests errupted after to the Trump Inauguration, we were figuring how to make the most of what we had in the greatest country in the world. The allure of the “American Dream” is alive and well in this live stream…and perhaps yes, we are drinking the kool-aid of optimism.

What are your thoughts after the Trump Inauguration, as the new President of the United States, specifically to your financial future?

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